Unique and sophisticated, our bags are designed in capsule collections. Our first model, the Peacock Lady, is a limited edition which was available through Kickstarter and is made with a natural leather alternative from pineapple leaf fiber, Piñatex® (PETA approved) in Paprika colour.
The inspiration behind the Peacock Lady is a will to ally Nature and the Human kind. Combining the grace and feminity of the woman with the royalty and pride of the peacock, we stand up for our values: Equality, Fairness and Respect towards all life on this planet.

The Peacock Lady can be used both as a clutch and with an adjustable strap. There is a zipper under the cover to make sure your valuables are safe, and a little pocket inside. The paprika colour is the perfect twist to your winter wardrobe but as a timeless piece, it also brightens your spring and matches your summer tan flawlessly.

We are currently working on a range of accessories to fit the Peacock Lady bag, and will also soon launch our second collection. Are you ready for it?