Why we won’t use plastic

Ellen McArthur says there will be more plastic in the Ocean than fish by 2050. And the worse thing is, she’s right.

But what exactly is plastic? Despite their origins being organic, plastics are now often made from petrol based components. They are formed by chains of molecules linked together. We call those chains “polymers”, and that’s why most plastic names start with “poly”: polyethilene, polystyrene and so on.

They’re a great invention, they’re light, cheap and made to only use once to facilitate our lifestyle. But the problem with plastics is that being synthetic they cannot be broken down by nature. In fact, humans are the only specie which produces things that aren’t biodegredable. When you make plastic, you make something that will stay on the planet for thousands of years. Moreover, plastics that aren’t recycled often end up in the ocean and are unfortunately broken down into millions of tiny pieces, which are eaten by food, and we humans eat the fish (if you aren’t vegan/vegetarian). So essentially, when you get a plastic bag to carry your fruits from the supermarket to your house, you contribute to eating plastic.

That was a short explaination as to why we are against plastics. You can easily help reduce plastic production by avoiding its use: bags, straws, bottles.

Watch the video below by Dr Joe Hanson and you’ll get to a little more insight.



Why we refuse to use leather

Stella McCartney is a great inspiration, so we thought we’d share a little insight on why we refuse to use leather or fur.

In the next post we will share more about why we refuse to use plastic.

Our first collection

Zero Cruelty. Zero Plastic. Plenty of Style.

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